The development of the vital sensation method by Dr. Sankaran is a profound progression of our 200 years of history of homeopathy. Whether you have been following it or not, with the development of this method, homeopathy has entered a renaissance. This evolution in our understanding is critical for all devoted homeopaths.


Through this new lens of perceiving, we deepen our understanding of our patients, of materia medica resulting in an expanded use of our medicines and more proper prescribing. More so, it brings a coherant and lucid perspective on what is disease and from this new vantage point, offers new insights into the actual process of healing.


After practicing homeopathy for nearly 20 years, the last decade of which I exclusively practiced with this method, I can honestly say that integrating this method has increased the depth of my ability to perceive the inner experience of my patients and to utilize a greater spectrum of materia medica.


This has availed healing to many more of my clients. And most satisfying, those I would have never been able to help without it. So many of the patients I struggled with for years and years, have now found true resolution to their disease and suffering. This is very gratifying.


This is the gift we want to share with you and your patients. To us, this is the heart of homeopathy and heart of homeopathy education.


After eight years of integrating and cultivating our new teaching methods, the CCHE course has evolved into a training program that speaks to the serious practitioner or student. The training will avail mastery of the practice of homeopathy so you will have a more sound, and effective practice.


- Bill Mann